• Feather Brows (Microblading) $750
• Ombre Brow (Shading) $750
• Combination $850
(Prices include 1 st touch up)

• HD Brow $60
Maintenance $50 (4-6 weeks)

• Henna Brow $85

Pricing does not include HST.
We accept all forms of payment.


• Classic Extension Full Set $175
• Classic Fill $75 (2 Weeks) $105 (3 Weeks) 

• Russian Volume Extension Full Set $300
• Russian Volume Fill $150 (2-3 Weeks)

•Keratin Lash Boost $120

• Classic Lash Lift & Tint $90
• Lift Only $65


BROWS ONLY - Please note: 1st touchup must occur 5-8 weeks after the initial treatment, otherwise a fee will be applied. We recommend touch ups every 6 - 18 months to keep the brows fresh. At 6 months, the price is $187.50 and each proceeding month thereafter is an additional charge of $31.25/month. At 12 months, the price is $375 and each proceeding month thereafter is an additional charge of $31.25/month. After 2 years, the original price is applied. All of these prices do not include HST.



Other things to remember:

● All deposits are non-refundable and appointments must be complete 3 months from the date it is paid.

● Life happens, so you have one opportunity to reschedule your appointment per booking. If you reschedule more than one time, an additional fee will apply.

● Children and pets are adorable, but we ask that you leave them at home, as we use sharp tools and cannot guarantee .

● We do not offer consultations unless you’ve had permanent makeup done in the past. If you’re that person, our consultation fee is $50.

● Maintaining the integrity and efficiency of our schedule means so much to us. Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you’re running behind 10 minutes late or more.

● Don’t forget! Make sure to arrive without any makeup on the areas being treated.

● We aim to keep our space peaceful and ringtone free. Please set your devices to silent while at the boutique, and take phone calls outside.

● No food is permitted inside the boutique.

● All appointments must be booked over the telephone. Bookings cannot be scheduled for others, you must book your own appointments.

● Scheduled appointments cannot be held without a deposit.

● Our boutique is beautiful, but not sizable. Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment.