Lip Blush Tattoo

  • Lip Blush Tattoo is used to enhance the natural lip shape and colour. We customize pigments to add definition to your lips and conceal imperfections based on your skin tone and personal preference.
  • Your lips will look more intense like wearing lipstick on the first day, however, it will soften as they heal to become a natural looking lip tint.
  • There may be moderate swelling for the first 2-3 days. If you experience swelling, use an ice pack for no more than 10-15 minutes at time.
  • Colour will lighten up to 30-50% once the healing process is complete.
  • Lip tint tattoo can last 2-5 years. For best results, we recommend maintenance touchups.
  • Healing typically takes 7 days. You can expect minimal flaking or dryness during this time.