lash enhancement



Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo creates a subtle smoky look that discreetly defines and frames the eye without being visible on the skin. A very thin line of colour is implemented directly in the lash line and is designed to create an effect of a darker and fuller looking eyelash line. Lash Line Enhancement offers a prominent but natural effect without the need for makeup. 

Skin types and lifestyles can greatly impact the longevity and appearance of permanent makeup. Excessive sun exposure, laser treatment and other harsh skin care treatments can change the colour and retention of your brows so it is important to take caution as to preserve best results.

Post Treatment 

You may experience redness and swelling directly after this procedure. You may not wet the eye area or wear any kind of eye-makeup for 7 days while your eyes heal. Once healed you may regain normal routine. 

Who should NOT receive Cosmetic Tattooing?
A: Any type of semi-permanent or permanent makeup is NOT recommended for any clients who are or have:

  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Diabetic (consult your doctor)

  • Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)

  • Viral infections and/or diseases

  •  Epilepsy

  • Pacemaker or major heart problems

  • Organ transplant

  • Skin irritations or psoriasis/eczema near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc)

  • Sick (cold ,flu, etc.)

  • Injectables in the past 3 weeks